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Reviews of Creating a Million Dollar a Year Sales Income
Dave Lakani, Best-selling author and coach

Frankly I didn't know what to expect from this book, but I hoped for one or two good ideas, I've been selling and asking for
referrals for more than 20 years.

To say I was doing it wrong (even though I'd say I was very successful) would be an understatement.

The chapters on why asking for referrals doesn't work (because you ask in a manner that your client can't understand,
55% of clients who salespeople said they asked for referrals said that they did not). And, the chapter on contacting the
referred prospect is phenomenal.

This book lays out in systematic detail the most effective selling and referral system I've seen. It doesn't make getting
referrals easy but it does make getting them predictable.

Even though I consider myself a good referral sales generator, I cringed more than a little at the mistakes I identified while
reading this book and how much money I left on the table through missed sales and missed opportunities.

I also like this book because it is a quick read with plenty of great examples, the author doesn't belabor points to fill
space, he just gets right to the point . . . so you can implement and earn.

Excellent book, I highly recommend it.


AllBooks Review

Genre: Business
Title: Creating a Million Dollar a Year Sales Income
Author: Paul McCord
Creating a Million Dollar a Year Sales Income is the culmination of 20 years of formal and informal research into selling.
Pg. 1

Paul McCord has excelled as a salesman, trainer and manager in the financial services industry. This experience has led
to the publication of this book, a guide for referral sales. Paul has researched and developed a deep understanding for the
psychology of the referral business.

Written like a lecture, the book takes the reader step by step from "Why Salespeople Fail" to "Networking for Referrals".
Easy to understand, yet comprehensive the guide is filled with tips and lessons for the new and the experienced sales

Most salespeople have a misguided view of the sales referral. It is not about the name and phone number that someone
passed you on a napkin during your lunch-a name and number that will probably never come to fruition. It is about how to
get a referral from your clients. How to make the client realize exactly what kind of referral you are looking for and how to
use the referrals to your best advantage. Paul tells readers to make referrals a part of their business-on the business card,
the phone message, the advertising. He guides the student through the process gently yet effectively bringing better
understanding to the entire referral database.

The lessons in the book include a workbook that students can use to answer some common questions and help develop
their own success with referrals. The book makes reference to and encourages that readers [...]

Salespeople from every industry will find this a useful and comprehensive sales referral guide. Chapter after chapter of
excellent advice that dispels myth and rumor related to referral selling.

Reviewer: Shirley Roe, Allbooks Review suggests you pick up a copy today. You too can become a successful
salesperson using referrals to build your business.


Frank Rumbauskas, NY Times Best-selling Author of Never Cold Call

Having spent over ten years as a top-producing sales rep, and now having spent over four years teaching and training
salespeople - and having read hundreds of sales books in that time - I can tell you that Paul McCord's book is hands-down
THE BEST book on referral selling ever written!

Most books that claim to teach you how to get referrals usually go along the lines of "Do a good job, close the sale, and
immediately get three referrals." Or, "Attend as many networking events as possible." Of course, anyone with years of
experience can tell you that such advice is mediocre at best. Paul McCord, on the other hand, shows you how to rebuild
your entire sales process, from the bottom up, in such a way that you can work entirely on referrals and blow out your
numbers while doing it.

I recommended this book to my private coaching group, and they were equally blown away. They've already begun using it
and are stunned at how easily and effectively they're getting tons of hot ready-to-buy referrals using Paul's advice. Get this
book! You'll end the drudgery of prospecting and cold calling and instead find yourself flooded with endless referrals!


Rolf Dobelli, Get Abstract

The traditional cold-calling sales method is as difficult as it is familiar. Paul McCord has decades of experience helping
salespeople succeed by working through qualified referrals rather than prospecting random strangers. His method gives
you a better sales close rate and gets you fired up each day about selling. McCord writes concisely and makes his points
simply. Each chapter ends with a workbook section that asks questions about your situation so you can track information
that will help you implement the author's sales method. One chapter even covers some of the objections he hears most in
his sales training sessions. You can keep working hard all alone clearing stumps and moving rocks with your current
approach, or move to more fertile ground where your best clients can make your life easier by helping you find new clients
just like them. getAbstract recommends this book to any professional who needs to sell, with the caveat that you'll need
the sensitivity to know when you've asked someone for referrals too many times.


Paul Flood, Paul Flood Marketing

I purchased this book after reading about it in Selling Sucks: How to Stop Selling and Start Getting Prospects to Buy!.
The manner in which Paul McCord systematizes referral generation is impressive. In addition to teaching referral strategies
and techniques The book also contains sample letters, phone scripts, meeting scripts that tell the reader exactly what to
say and write, which means you can gain immediate benefits (and referrals) without having to think of what to write or say.
He teaches you how to set up your customers and prospects to plan on giving you referrals.

He tells us common mistakes and the reasons we may have failed or only had sporadic success in gaining referrals as
well as how to handle objections that may be encountered.

For me the most powerful technique in the book is to tell prospects and clients that part of my compensation is referrals. I
even include the referral requirement in my proposals. It is easy and works incredibly well. I have clients tell me that it
makes very good sense to them and they understand they have an obligation to me they must fulfill. There is absolutely
no pressure involved and it positions me as a true professional.

If you follow this system, you will actually have clients telling you they owe you referrals. I also recommend the workbook
that can be purchased separately. It includes additional letters, email scripts and materials from several different industries
and professions that can be modified for any business. Read this book before your competition does!


CRM Magazine

"Required Reading"


From the title of this book you might guess that this is just another sales book that over-promises and under-delivers.
Fortunately, you'd be wrong: This is a serious and practical book that can deliver what it says on the tin and more. What
McCord has done is identify the most powerful way of gaining sales leads, taken it apart and re-built it into a powerfully
more effective process.

The heart of McCord's method is the transaction that you build when you make a sale: a deliberate deal where you ask for
solid referrals in exchange for proven great delivery and service. Of course you have to deliver on this promise, which then
entitles you to ask for a separate meeting just for getting referrals. In this meeting you seek not just names and addresses
but also introductions that make the referrals far more likely to lead to conversions.

The neat framing that McCord suggests you can add to conversation and personal branding that actually legitimizes your
referral approach is the 'spiral of success' that: (a) by delivering great service you get great referrals, and (b) by getting
great referrals you save so much time in prospecting you have the space in which to deliver great service.

Overall the book is very readable and stuffed full of tips, examples and strong how-do detail. It is, quite simply, the best
manual on gaining and using referrals I have found.

The only thing I would change about this book is its title. All sales people know that referrals are by far and away the best
way of gaining more sales and the 'million dollar' title is a distraction that can be interpreted as cheap sales pap.
Personally, I would call the book something more direct such as 'Referral selling' or 'How to make referrals really work'.

In the end, the joy that earns this book a rare five stars is the practical, thorough and innovative treatment of referrals that
can have literally massive benefit to anyone, not just in sales, who wants to connect with valued other people.

Quite simply the best book on gaining and using referrals.

Some Short Comments from Readers
Charles Green,
Solid, sober, practical how to (generate referrals). Thumbs up.
Jeff Blackman,
Paul has done a fantastic job of describing in great detail the meat and potatoes of successful referral
selling. From start to finish this reference guide is packed with practical tips, examples and insights
and I consider it a "must-read" for everyone involved in personal selling.
Gregory Lauer, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Since starting with sales about 3 years ago, I've been "taught" different referral systems that ranged from
"just ask for the referrals" to "demand referrals" and nearly everything in between, including paying for
referrals. I thought there were probably no other ways to get referrals...until I got this book. I've been working
through it very slowly, putting into practice every possible thing I can and it's already making a huge
difference in my income and in my daily work. Make the investment in your future and get this book.
Ted Adams, Securities Broker, Atlanta, GA
I've read several books on referrals, but none have had the depth of understanding, the comprehensive
process, or the results of this book. If you're tired of the prospecting grind, get this book and implement the
process because it WORKS. As the author states right up front, this isn't a get rich quick book. No
promises of easy money, just a process that makes generating a lot of high quality referrals a reality and I'd
much rather build my business on referrals than on cold calling.
David Choate, District Manager, Farmers Insurance, The Woodlands, Texas
A very powerful book that will create many superstars within my organization. A must-have, must-read book.
Phil Himes, Regional Vice President, Capital One Bank, Baton Rouge, LA
A great resource for new and seasoned salespeople. It breaks through the myths that hold salespeople back
and replaces those myths with a real method for succeeding in sales.
Janet Cook, IT Sales, New York, New York
Few books have I read that are as sown to earth, practical, and game changing as this one. McCord presents a
straightforward method of getting a large number of high quality referrals from your clients. He starts by explaining
why what we've been taught about referrals is wrong and then takes that and builds a process that overcomes the
problems and issues that we salespeople have had getting quality referrals. Not pie in the sky, just an effecitve,
workable process that produces results.