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Dynamic Sales Growth
Proven Strategies to Build Your Sales in a Troubled World
Yes, You Can Bust Your Slump
Are your stuck in a slump and can't seem to get out?

Are you new to sales and need to jump start your sales?

Do you just want to sell more and make more money?
Bust Your Slump is designed to do only one thing--present REAL help to salespeople,
business owners, and professionals who need or want more business to generate business

Bust Your Slump isn't intended to be the Great American Sales Book or a treatise on
sales philosophy. Rather it presents a dozen PROVEN, EFFECTIVE SLUMP BUSTING

Bust Your Slump you'll find strategies to help you if you:
* Sell to businesses
* Sell to consumers
* Are new to sales
* Have been selling for years
* Are involved in a one-time close environment or have a long sales cycle product or service
* Are in retail or wholesale
* Are in solution sales or sell a commodity
What are Readers Saying about Bust Your Slump?

Dr Gregory Stebbins, author of PeopleSavvy
"This is a fabulous book. If the current recession has slowed you down and caused you to be discouraged, then
read this book. The universe rewards action and Paul presents many action steps you can take right now. Don't
go to sleep tonight until you've completed two or three of the actions he recommends. For that matter, don't go to
sleep any work night until you've implemented at least one of the actions in this book."

Dave Stein, CEO, ESR Research
"What does it take to get a stalled engine started? A battery jump? A shot of starter fluid? Maybe a push and then
a pop of the clutch. For the sales pro in a slump, Paul McCord lays out every reasonable approach for a
restart, and then some. Clear and to-the-point, Paul's practical advice gets you back to basics and back on

Ronnie Lynch, Regional Sales Director EnablePay
"If you are in sales and find yourself in need of a game plan to put yourself back on track, this is the book for you.
Paul has outlined some definite steps to take that will have your career and business up and running once again.
Nothing new and earth shattering here just a great book that gets you to focus back on the basics and maybe
have you consider some new ideas."

Ben Bradley, Managing Director, Macon Raine, Inc
General George S. Patton said it best, "A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed
next week. Paul McCord's new book "Bust Your Slump" takes General Patton's advice and applies it to getting
your sales back on track fast. His ideas aren't new but this call to action makes huge sense for sales people that
are not hitting their numbers. In this quick and valuable read, McCord combines positive thinking, smart tactical
activities and a pre-disposition for action into a short, easily readable set of 12 strategies that will improve your
sales pipeline. You probably won't have time to implement all 12 strategies. McCord advises you pick one or two
strategies that fit what you sell and then EXECUTE. The critical thing is that you are in a sales slump, you need
to ACT and Act NOW. You can start by buying this book.
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Selected as one of 10 finalists for Top Sales Book of 2010 by Top Sales Awards!

Named one of the best sales books of 2010 by RainToday!
Ashley Wilson, Financial Advisor, Stifel Nicolaus, Portland, OR
Paul McCord's book is to the point - which is what every salesperson with a short attention span needs.
McCord not only tells you what to do to bust your slump, he tells you how to do it so you can start
implementing these strategies right away. McCord is motivating and realistic and doesn't promise an easy
fix like many other sales books do. Any of these strategies will work for the salesperson willing to work
hard and stay focused.
Gary Hart, Sales Trainer,
Whether you're a seasoned veteran or new to the sales game, and regardless of the economic climate or your
industry's status, slumps happen. Paul McCord's "Bust Your Slump" is a concise, easy to read twelve chapters,
each with a proven funnel filling solution.

Fit for our hurry-up offence, 2-minute drill business culture, the short chapters include successful implementation
strategies from Paul's clients and conclude with "Does it Work" how-to sections. While the book can be read in
an afternoon, each chapter can be digested and understood in a few minutes of downtime, and ready to be put
into practice.

My favorite chapter "Get Connected Quick" is about networking successfully with a "focused commitment to do
the activity that will produce results [and how] effective networking follows a definite, planned process." I could go
on, but I don't want to spoil your reading, so if you want to know how to select the best networking events and
learn best networking practices, you'll have to read the book.

I love the format and strategies Paul has chosen and found it easy, instructive reading that kept my attention.
Paul hits on key mechanics with implementable solutions. Beginning with "attitude" and reminding us how a
large part of slumps is in the mind are two powerful points and winners for the reader. So start filling your pipeline
and order the paperback or Kindle version now.

Ronnie Lynch, Regional Sales Manager, EnablePay, Midland, Texas
This is an excellent read. As a salesperson I have over the years experienced my share of sales slumps. They
may come after a slow summer, after the holidays, there are many events that can and do get a salesperson off
track and into a slump. Paul has written a book that is short and succinct; giving you a clear and actionable plan
on what you can do that will get you out of that sales slump. There are many ideas and options presented that a
salesperson can use, some will fit your style some may not, however there are enough ideas to choose from that
you can select the ideas that best suit your sales style and then take action.

This will be a great book to add to your professional library and refer back to when you need new and fresh ideas.

Paul Flood, President, Paul Flood Marketing, Cincinnati, OH
At some point during their career, nearly every sales person will encounter a slump.
No matter how hard they work, things don't seem to turn around. Frustration sets in,
desire to work and confidence plummet.

What to do?

Paul McCord tackles this issue head-on in the book, "Bust Your Slump, A Dozen Slump
Busting Strategies to Fill Your Pipeline in Just 30 Days."
This book lays out 12 very effective strategies, any of which could start to generate
results in 30 days.

We all know that there is no one thing that will work for every sales person or every
industry, which is what I like about this book. There is something for everyone.
If a sales rep can't find something in this list of twelve that will work for them,
either they shouldn't be in sales or their product just won't cut it in the

McCord clearly says not to try to implement all of the strategies but to instread go
through the list of twelve and see which one or two best fits your business and
personality. It's up to you to choose referral marketing, incentives, cold-calling,
strategic partnerships or others listed.

What I particularly liked about this book is that it is a quick, top-level view of
several strategies. There are no brand-new, earth-shattering concepts presented,
which is not typically what a person in a slump needs. What's needed is a plan to
pick and implement time-tested and proven methods. That's what this book delivers.

Once you've selected your strategy, Paul McCord's other books, Creating a Million-Dollar-a-Year Sales
Income: Sales Success through Client Referrals, SuperStar Selling: 12 Keys to Becoming a Sales Superstar
can help you with more detailed implementation tactics

Any sales rep or sales manager would benefit from reading this book.
The Best Review I Could Ever Hope For:
The reviewer has no idea what sales is about--but he gets the book--it's about ACTION, not
flakey new ideas
M. D. Hoetmer Salesquest
Sorry to say but this book contains nothing new. Same old, same old. Everything in this book is geared towards
action. No detph, no new ideas. Disappointing read.